Our Hospitalist Staff

David Harrison, M.D.
Woo Sung Kim, M.D.
Hamit Kumar, M.D.
Graham Rogers, M.D.
Joel Shores, M.D.

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is a specialty, usually Internal Medicine, that is dedicated to serving hospitalized patients.

South Central Regional Medical Center launched a Hospitalist Program in 2001, a progressive program of inpatient care. This program represents another advancement in medical care to assure that SCRMC will continue to be our regions choice for health care.

Specializing in the management of hospitalized patients, a hospitalist is an acute care physician who focuses on a patient's hospital care from admission until discharge. During that time the Hospitalist supervises a plan of coordinated care amoung physicians, nurses and support staff. Hospitalists spend most of thier professional time in the hospital and are well positioned and uniquely commited to improving the care of hospitalized patients. Exceptional patient satisfaction is a key outcome that should result from the care provided by hospitalists. This care and concern for patients is exemplified by attentiveness, dignity, respect, effective communication of information and shared medical decision making.